Paleo Diet: Paleo Diet Meal Plan

The Paleo Diet is one of the biggest concerns of beginners or people who want to start cereal consumption. If grain consumption is not going to be consumed, what is consumed?

In fact, only those who have quit the diet because of these concerns or even those who give up. For those who are confused about this, -of course, it’s not easy to stay away from the food that has been regularly consumed for years,- says Loren Cordain.

However, at the end of a few weeks you will find the meat, the products, the vegetables and the egg, which are called delicious, and you will get rid of all your worries. You can cook delicious meals with fruits, vegetables, oils and nuts in the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Diet

You will be able to prepare a large number of desserts without milk and flour. Even when you offer to your guests will not even notice the lack of milk and flour

We all know that a healthy diet is possible with low carbohydrates, a balanced protein and plenty of fiber consumption. The reason for this is that the human body, rather than carbohydrate and processed food; Having a structure designed for foods containing protein and fiber.

In other words, these habits of primitive people who spent hours hunting and gathering to feed on meat and new herbal products started to bring up a brand new diet. it is also a favorite of the sportsmen and Hollywood celebrities; We are going to answer the questions about the paleo diet and how it is done.


Kalsium is a very important mineral for bone health. However, the founders of the Paleo Diet emphasize that there is a misunderstanding at this point.

However, some statistics show that the increase in calcium intake and the emergence of bone resorption. This is due to the importance of how much calcium is taken, not how much is taken. So here’s the balance.

Consumed foods, acid or alkali wastes in the body in the body after their digestion. If you are poor in terms of vegetables and fruits, your body is able to cope with intense acid and alkali stores.

These stores are also in the bones. In order to keep your bones out of the process, the Paleo Diet recommends: You can focus on fruits and vegetables, which are shown as the only alkaline producer in the body, instead of whole grains, salt foods, cheese, meats and legumes.

Side Effects of Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is not a suitable diet for every body. If you are experiencing a kidney condition during the treatment phase, it is not recommended to do this diet too much. You must seek help from a specialist or your doctor.

You can understand that the paleo diet is not suitable for your body and that it is severe, side effects such as irritability, constipation or diarrhea, lack of energy, nausea, fatigue, cold sweating, weakness, lack of concentration, headache, dizziness.

Although caloric values are high, cereal carbohydrates provide the body with the daily energy needed to prevent your movement from being restricted. Staying away from these food groups is weakness and exhaustion.

In addition, paleo diet is not included in the nutrition program, milk and dairy products to stay away from the bone and skeletal structure may cause dissolution.

The paleo diet is not shown as a suitable type of diet for athletes and workers who are actually physically power based, especially because of the intense need for cereal carbohydrates.

What are the Considerations in Paleo Diet?

In your daily nutrition program, the proportion of protein you will receive through nutrients should constitute 15% of your diet.
Foods containing fiber are very important in paleo diet. Fiber foods should be consumed as much as possible.
Because the potassium content of the untreated and fresh foods is five times higher than their sodium content, the Paleo Diet helps all organs, especially the kidneys and the heart, function properly.

During your Paleo diet, 35 to 40% of your daily diet should be carbohydrate. Foods with a high carbohydrate value increase blood sugar slowly and slowly. It also gives the person a feeling of fullness for a long time.

As with any diet, plenty of liquid should be consumed in the paleo diet. Water consumption should be weighted and should be at least three liters of water per day.

Antioxidant sources such as onions and garlic should be consumed abundantly. In the process of paleo diet, sports should be performed and at least five and a maximum of nine hours of sleep should be observed during the day.

Another suggestion for those applying the Paleo diet is to sunbathe to take advantage of the sun’s rays. Vitamin D deficiency is frequently seen in the diet process and this deficiency should be reduced by solar radiation.

Since whole-grain foods consumed during the day do not contain sufficient amounts of A, B12 and C vitamins, they do not replace the meats, vegetables and fruits of natural feeding animals. B-group vitamins and some minerals in whole grains are not absorbed by your body.

For this reason, it is very important to eat zebze, fruit and meat and to feed the vitamins and minerals correctly.

Paleo Diet List Example Menu

Paleo Diet Breakfast

Paleo dieters can consume an omelet at breakfast. If you wish, you can add mushrooms, peppers, onions and broccoli and enrich the Omega-3 content by adding olive oil. The eggs you choose for the omelet should be from the eggs of the chickens fed in the natural environment.


A portion of the seasonal fruit

Paleo Diet Lunch

For lunch you can make your salad with your favorite greens. You can add lettuce, spinach, avocado, cucumber, carrot and pepper according to your wishes. You can add walnuts or almonds from the group of oil seeds for over. You can also put chicken or meat pieces or seafood into your salad. Olive oil and lemon sauce must also be.

Tip: If you are working, you can prepare your salad by yourself and add the lemon and olive oil sauce you bought for another dish just before you consume it. If you want to try different salad varieties,


One apple
Three walnuts

Paleo Diet Dinner

You can choose cauliflower, artichoke, broccoli, carrot, asparagus or spinach as cooked for your evening meal. You should eat a serving.
Grilled chicken breast or turkey breast cooked in the grill should be consumed and still a portion.
Avocado slices
A bowl with fresh blackberries or grapes

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