No Carbon Diet

The goal of no carbon diet is to provide weight loss from fat. This diet is reduced by reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the body when it is intended to burn energy. Thus, the body will help you lose weight by using energy from every energy need; you will get rid of excess fat.

The high protein content of this diet is low for 2 weeks.

– During this time, you can mostly consume pure protein, you cannot take more than 20 grams of carbohydrates.

+ You can eat poultry such as seafood, meat, turkey and chicken, some creamy vegetables and cheese.

– In a carbohydrate-free diet, pasta, rice and white bread are strictly prohibited.

– + You can consume a small amount of fruit.

– You should only use natural oils such as butter and olive oil when cooking the products listed.

How to lose weight with no carbon diet

The carbohydrate-free diet consists of 3 types of sections. These sections are the sections named dating, maintaining weight and maintaining the ideal weight. We will provide sample menus to give ideas for each section. While applying this diet, you can enrich your diet for 2 weeks with foods equivalent to the sample menus.

No Carbon Diet List


Fried eggs (may be bacon, ham or hot dog)

Decaffeinated coffee or unsweetened tea


Mixed Season Salad

Half pancake

Natural mineral water


A salad of seafood prepared with mustard and mayonnaise

Steak or fish (you can cook as you wish)


Omelet prepared with little olive oil

Tomato juice

2 slices of rye bread

Decaffeinated coffee or unsweetened tea


Mixed salad

Cold tea (if possible it should be herbal tea)


Prepared salad with seafood

Cream soup

1 small bowl of strawberries

Diet-Free Weight Loss Menu for Carbohydrate


Omelet prepared with cheese and spinach

2 slices of rye bread

Decaffeinated coffee or unsweetened tea

1 piece of seasonal fruit


Baked chicken

Half a bowl of vegetables

mixed green salad (served with garlic sauce)


Onion Soup

Vegetable dish up to 1 bowl

Salad with sauce (Tomato, onion, carrot and salted)

Veal ribs dipped in breadcrumbs

 No carbon diet reviews

As in many diet lists, it depends on the diet, the degree to which the dieters apply, and the sport or activity associated with the diet. Dieters who have succeeded in weakening as well as those who have failed.

As we always say, not only diet may not be enough, we recommend you to use them both for your health and for the diet that you do.

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