Low carb snacks

We love snacks but during diet time we need low carb snacks.Anita Bean, nutritionist and author of the Food For Fitness book, highlights the importance of selected snacks: Biscuits, chips and chocolates are high in sugar and salt. Instead, you can stay healthy and fit by making friendly choices with your body.

1. After-meal… Low Calorie Ice Cream

For dessert, you can choose to have low-calorie ice cream among many harmful options. Ice creams not exceeding 100 calories also have high calcium values.

2. A Delicious Proposal Popcorn

Unless the popcorn is greasy, it contains a very low calorie and too much fiber. If you add a piece of cajun spice on it, your metabolism will accelerate.

3. A Cheese Suggestion  Low-Calorie Cheese Crackers

The cheese is shown as the biggest enemy during weight loss. However, the low-calorie cheese you put on a low-calorie cracker makes you feel intense for a long time.

 4. A Light Proposal… Yogurt

Those who consume high protein and low sugar yogurt three times a day can have a much healthier and more fit body than others.

5. A Milky Suggestion… Milky Hot Chocolate

Make sure that this flavor will give you the feeling you’ve eaten a pack of chocolates! Also rich in calcium and protein.

6. A Hot Proposal… Vegetable Soup

We guarantee a healthy selection with a small portion of vegetable soup. According to research, vegetable soup helps to burn 20 percent of calories.

7. A Powerful Proposal Oats

Heat half a bowl of oatmeal with water or milk and place a little honey on the microwave oven. This delicious snack also contains plenty of fiber.

8. An Oily Proposal Sweet Potatoes

By choosing sweet potatoes, you can reduce the calorie ratio by half. Turn the pan for 30 minutes by adding a small teaspoon of olive oil. Because sweet potatoes contain fiber, they regulate blood sugar balance and keep you away from harmful snacks.

9. An Indispensable Proposal Black Chocolate Strawberry

Melt black chocolate with lower calories than others. Dipped in the chocolate you melt the strawberries which are quite high in terms of vitamin C and eat with pleasure.

10. A Proposal That Will Keep You Standing Vegetable Omelette

 Chop the four eggs and cook in a midnight dish with black pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes and basil in a greasy pan. You will get a fairly healthy snack. It will support your protein metabolism in eggs.

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