Low carb ice cream

Do I prefer the low carb ice cream or the fruits are more innocent? Ice cream is one of the most loved desserts. Especially in the summer months are consumed in abundance. Plain ice cream is the most produced variety in the world, but there are many varieties from chocolate to cookies, fruit and nuts. In addition, those made of milk with reduced or completely removed milk, instead of milk oils prepared using vegetable oils, specially formulated ice cream for cardiovascular and diabetes patients and soft ice cream that should be consumed immediately on the market. Ice cream during the production of milk, milk-free dry matter of sugar, sugar, sweeteners such as glucose syrup, stabilizer, emulsifier, vegetable oil or milk fat, chocolate, cocoa, fruit, nuts, caramel, such as foods, sahlep, natural and nature identical flavors it is used.

Nutritional value of ice cream

Ice cream is a high nutritional value. In addition to protein and carbohydrate, vitamins A, B, C, D, E contain minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and zinc. It is a more nutritious choice compared to other desserts. The calorie value of the ice cream is much lower than the other desserts made from flour and sugar. 100 grams of milk ice cream contains about 190 calories. A normal cone is about 20 calories.

100 grams of milk ice cream average 148 mg. calcium, 115 mg. phosphorus, 63 mg. sodium, 181 mg. potassium, 0.1 mg. iron, 440 IU vitamin A, 0.21 mg. Vitamin E, 0.21 mg. Vitamin B2 and 0.1 mg. There are niacin.

Preparation and storage conditions

It is important to note that ice cream is prepared in accordance with health and hygiene rules. Milk is a good medium for the growth of microorganisms. For this reason, ice-cream must be made of pasteurized milk. There is a risk of ‘Salmonella’ in ice cream that is not produced or stored under hygienic conditions. In addition, ice cream from unreliable places or street vendors should also be considered carefully. It should not be overlooked that the coolers containing the packaged and labeled ice creams are of sufficient coldness and functioning. During the production process, it is of great importance to use additives and colorants that are appropriate to Food Codex, to make packaging and labeling meticulously, and to follow cold chain in post-production distribution.

Those who pay attention to the form

If you care about weight control, you can choose ice cream produced as light. Thus, you have made a low-calorie selection with reduced fat and sugar. But adding “caramel” or “chocolate sauce”, cream, hazelnut or pistachio particles on scoop  of it will increase the calorie of your innocent ice cream by at least 75 – 100 calories.

Quantity and frequency

2 scoop light ice cream = 1 serving of fruit

3 balls of plain ice cream = 1 slice of bread + 1 cup of milk + 1 portion of the fruit is equivalent.

Ice cream can be added to the daily diet 2-3 times a week. What is important here is the adjustment of the frequency and amount. As the flavor increases, the calorie and fat content increase. Don’t forget to read the label information before taking ice cream. Fruits and milks usually have lower fat, but the choice is yours …

İce Cream History

The Roman emperor, Neron, was known for his fondness for his neck as well as for his fighting. As he watched his gladiatorial fights, he rewarded the flavors that served him delicious food. One of the fountains, the summits of the mountain collected in a container of the profits. Upon placing the pieces of honey and various fruits on it, they presented it to the emperor. Neron loved this food he had never tasted before. The next day he sent the army of slaves to collect profits. He poured honey and crushed fruit on the snow and made the first ice cream in history. This method, dating from the Romans, is still used in some villages of Anatolia. The only difference is that they are trying to catch the flavor by mixing the molasses with the molasses.

Provides convenience in diets

My observations in this direction, the ice cream is the first sweet choice of those who pay attention to the form. Low fat and unsweetened options also make it easier for slimming diets. In summer, it is up to your creativity to prepare fruit drinks with ice cream or to serve ice cream with fruit salad. For those with low-fat ice cream choices, I would recommend the fruity ones, which will give you the best information on food labels. When you shop, look at the labels, compare the amount of fat and sugar and the amount of calories.

You’ve heard of homemade ice cream, but what about the diet home ice cream?

The glycemic index is low due to milk in ice cream. That means less calories when consumed compared to other sherbet desserts, and keeps them satiated for a long time. Even for those who do not want to miss too much, they can even replace the main meals. Normally, 1 ball of ice cream is about 60 calories. 2 balls of ice cream 1 fruit and half a glass of milk can be consumed instead.

Of course not every ice cream is the same. The fact that an ice cream is healthy and whether it is covered in chocolate, the amount of cream and fat it contains can vary even if you do not eat it on the cone.

In this context, a pastry that you trust is made of real sugar, especially plain and chocolate ice cream is more healthy than ready-made ice cream. Ready-to-use ice creams are more rich in additives. But the healthiest in the house will be the ice cream. For homemade ice cream, we want to give you recipes in different versions diet home ice cream.

If you are not on a diet or if you want to make a delicious recipe for your children and guests;

Half a kg of milk

Half a glass of cream

1 glass of sugar

1 teaspoon sahlep

Vanilla according to desire

Sahlep, milk and sugar are allowed to stand for 10 minutes to swell. Then cook for 10 minutes with continuous stirring. It is taken into the container to be placed in the refrigerator. After about 4 hours, your ice cream will be ready. However, in your freezer you will need to beat every half an hour so that you don’t have ice particles and you get a soft texture. In case you prepare fruit ice cream, it is better not to add fruit to prevent it from swelling. After the ice cream is ready, after freezing is taken out and softened, the fruits are added in small cubes and mixed with ice cream and the mixture is placed in the freezer for freezing again. It can be served after 10 minutes.

If you are in the weight protection phase and want to consume low calorie ice cream in part

1 liter milk

1 pack of labne

1 tablespoon sahlep

1 packet of vanilla

For flavoring purposes you can enjoy the flavoring powder or fresh fruit or molasses or honey or jam until you

If the fruit in the form of fruit with all kinds of ingredients except the mixer will be in the form of the method described in the above recipe and the method of occasional extraction and whisking will be applied.

If you are in the weight loss phase and keep your calories very low

1 bowl of yogurt

1 teaspoon powder sweetener / If you say completely natural can be sweetened with honey, molasses or jam

Vanilla according to desire

With lemon;

1 lemon zest

Half a lemon juice

If made with other fruits

You can add as many cubes as you like or as a mash.

If the fruit in the form of fruit with all kinds of ingredients except the mixer will be in the form of the method described in the above recipe and the method of occasional extraction and whisking will be applied.

Cacao ice cream recipe


-2 pieces of medium size banana

-2 tablespoons of tahini

-2 soup spoons of cocoa

-6 tablespoons milk

Preparation of:

-Pull all the materials into the robot. Then put in the ice cream mold of your choice. You can consume the mixture when it is frozen.

Peach  ice cream recipe


-3 pieces medium peach

-2 tablespoons yogurt

-3 tablespoons of honey

-1 teaspoon lemon juice

Preparation of:

– Peel off the shells and pass through the robot with all materials. Place the mixture in the freezer mold and place in the freezer. You can consume the mixture when it freezes.

Hello to everyone! Ik Summer is not coming lar, lar When will this summer come? ”Hav When will Uff come to heat?” We brought the heat of hell together. Now we are complaining about going to and from work in this heat. When we throw ourselves home we eat something cold, we want to cool off. What’s the ice cream?

Watermelon-Strawberry Ice Cream Recipes:


1 to 2 slices of watermelon (I used it from small watermelons without seed, so I didn’t deal with the kernels.)

6-7 strawberries

Half a lemon juice

6-7 blueberries (optional)

Preparation of:

Making ice cream is quite simple. I spent the inside of the sliced ​​watermelons and the kitchen robot until the straws became mashed. After that, I added a couple of turns of the blueberries, which I didn’t. I added the juice of half a lemon and I poured it into the refrigerator by pouring it into ice cream cups. It’s that simple!








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