Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet is the fastest, healthy and effective diet you can do to lose weight. And this is a scientifically proven fact.The most important thing you need to know is who this diet is for.

Professional athletes or amateur athletes who practice daily and are physically engaged.Other than that, this diet is very suitable for people who live in a still lifestyle or who exercise 1-2 hours a day.

You will lose fat without losing muscle, or you will be able to muscle without gaining excess fat, because it is especially suitable for bodybuilding and strength workers.

This diet will activate your sleeping fat burning mechanisms and you will be fat-burning instead of sugar-burning.

What this diet will give you is like this,As a fat-burner, you will not be able to use glycoside where you can use fats, and this will give you the fuel needed for more intense activities.– You won’t be hungry all the time.

Because glycogen stores are depleted immediately, the body immediately sends a signal of hunger to the burner and asks for carbohydrates again. However, your energy as fat-burning will already be stored in your body.– As a fat-burner, you’ll have energy all day long.

Unlike sugar-burner, you will not feel fatigue at certain times during the day because you use fuel that is stored in your body instead of an energy source that needs to be taken from the outside.- Fat-burning stored as a more effective and easy way to burn the fat you eat as energy.–

You will not gain weight as fat-burning and you will be able to easily lose the weight you have gained before. Because you burn fat instead of glycogen and have easier access to fat stores, you will burn fat instead of storing it as a priority.

It will be easy to burn fat and hard to store fat because the insulin secretion in your body will fall too low.– You will forget the taste of carbohydrate foods as fat-burning and will not attract these high-calorie foods.

You will eat more protein and fat foods as fat-burning foods, and because these foods are very satisfying, your appetite will be reduced.

Your calorie consumption will decrease even further as you reduce your carbohydrates.– Six pack, that is, your abdominal muscles, your adonisis will appear easily and in a short time.

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