Keto Diet Reviews: Fast Weight Loss With A Keto Diet

Does the keto diet really work? You can read in this article about keto diet reviews. What are the benefits of the keto diet? Does the keto diet really lose weight?

What is a Keto Diet? Keto Diet Reviews

The basis of the ketogenic diet is based on significantly limiting carbohydrates and increasing fat and protein consumption.

Instead of foods containing carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, fish, butter, olive oil, meat, etc. increasing the amount of fat and protein with foods. Thus, the body is forced to burn fat to provide energy.

The word ketogenic comes from the word ketosis. In the case of low-carbohydrate ketosis, the body’s energy to get fat to say. So what does that mean? Low carbohydrate nutrition reduces blood glucose levels and therefore insulin.

When the body does not get enough glucose and carbohydrates, this time it is turning to fats. When the body begins to burn fat for energy, “ketone” is called objects. The appearance of ketones indicates that the body is in the process of ketosis. This is exactly the process we want!

How do you know you’re on ketosis? There are two easy methods; the first is your breath smells like acetone, but the breath can not understand the second method, in pharmacies, ketone bodies, measuring rods.

Benefits Of The Keto Diet: Keto Diet Reviews

Ketogenic diet is not only used to lose weight, but also to reduce the effects of various diseases. Excessive carbohydrates and sugars are increased and inflammation is increased and this causes inflammation of the cells and causes the cells to die.

Disruption and death of these cells also cause many diseases. At the beginning of these diseases, epilepsy and diabetes are coming.

The ketogenic diet, which was first introduced in the early 1920s to reduce seizures of epilepsy, was again in the ’90s.

Not just these two diseases. The effects of many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heartburn, high blood pressure can be reduced by the application of the ketogenic diet.

We can also say that ketogenic feeding method has recently been recommended to cancer patients. Misunderstanding, there is no way to cure cancer, unfortunately.

However, reducing the level of carbohydrates taken, increasing fat and protein also slows the growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells that feed more than sugar and carbohydrates are slowing their growth unless they reach them.

However, as we have always said, do not apply the diet without seeing a doctor. Each body has its own system and sensitivity. So it’s always better to get help from an expert.

How is the ketogenic diet applied? Keto Diet Reviews

It is possible to say the ketogenic diet as a diet. You’re trying to teach your body to get it from the fat. You will definitely need an adaptation process.

To apply the ketogenic diet, you must first group food that is free and forbidden. Let’s remind the basic prohibitions and free food.

Foods that you can consume easily: Butter, olive oil, such as healthy fats, nuts, dairy products, meat, avocado and eggs.

Forbidden foods: foods high in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, fruits (you can consume a small amount of food once a day), root vegetables, corn syrup, sugar syrup like glucose syrup, fruit juice, honey, molasses and so on. foods.

What should be considered in ketogenic diet?

When applying the diet, there are very important details that appear to be actually small. If you don’t pay attention to them, the result of your diet may not be what you expect. If you look at what you need to pay attention to …

– Eat oil. You cut off carbohydrates, but don’t get your hands on the fat. Increase oil consumption so that the body can supply energy. Of course, we mean fat. Useful oils such as olive oil, canola oil, hazelnut oil, vegetable oils.

– Steamed or cook the vegetables. Roast. Frying is not a type that is considered good in any diet.

– For plenty of water. Always pay attention to this, not just on your diet.

– Take controlled protein. Don’t think about how much protein, more benefits. Choose foods such as fatty, medium-protein tuna.

– Diabetes and high blood pressure patients need to apply this diet under expert control.

Let’s repeat the most important note at the end of the article: If you want to apply ketogenic diet, consult a specialist.

Keto, the full name ketogenic, was the most sought-after diet on Google during the 2017 diet. Celebrities such as Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian cannot finish their keto diet.

This diet, which reduces carbohydrates to minimum levels and increases the amount of protein and healthy fat in nutrition, takes the body into ketosis mode.

The body, which does not have enough carbohydrates, enters the ketosis mode and starts to burn the fats to get energy instead of sugar from carbohydrates. The goal of the ketogenic diet is to keep the body in constant ketosis mode to increase fat burning.

Keto Diet Damages: Keto Diet Reviews

Is it really healthy? In ketogenic diet, daily nutrients are usually taken as 10 percent carbohydrate, 20 percent protein and 70 percent fat.

Starting to burn fat to gain energy, the body loses weight as soon as possible and in the short term this weight is not recovered. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Actually not.

In addition to the weight loss effect of a healthy person living in a continuous ketosis mode, it brings some negative effects and causes long-term health problems.

The first time the diet is started, the liver breaks down fats and ketone ketones for use as energy. Now your body is getting its energy from ketones instead of glucose.

In the first days of the day, the side effects of the diet are confusion, headaches, nausea and fatigue. In addition, in individuals who apply keto diet, smelling breath, urine and sweat are also observed.

There is a decrease in electrolyte levels due to rapid water loss. That makes you look bad from the outside.

These symptoms gradually disappear as your body gets used to it. Some researches show that keto diet increases cognitive activity and focus. But in the long run, these and other low-carbohydrate diets increase the risk of kidney and heart disease.

Moreover, most of the weight lost by the body is caused by the loss of water. There is no evidence that the long-term athletes are providing extra performance.

Should I Do A Keto Diet? Keto Diet Reviews

It is always a healthier way to lose weight by applying more balanced diet regimens that are slow to lose weight instead of low-carbohydrate diets. People who want to have a Keto diet should consult a doctor and talk about cholesterol levels and the risks of heart disease.

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