Fertility Diet

Fertility diet prepared to increase the spawning levels of the couples who want to have a baby and to positively affect the sperm parameters is a special nutrition program. With Fertelit e diet it is possible to increase fertility in both women and men. Thanks to the fertility diet that allows you to understand the importance of healthy nutrition, you can naturally increase your fertility by staying away from hormones and processed products.
What to Avoid in Fertility Diet?

Instead of giving a long list of what should be eaten in the fertility diet, it seems more practical to explain what to avoid. Each diet has its own banned food and beverages, as well as varieties that should be avoided in the fertility diet. Naturally, cigarettes and alcohol come first. It is not difficult to predict that this couple, which adversely affects health in every sense, will also have an adverse effect on fertility and sperm quality. One of the warnings on cigarette packets will be remembered and draws attention to this issue.

Fertility in health programs and related articles often refers to fertility as word meaning. Fertility is a force that exists in all females in nature and provides continuation of the species. With the help of fertility medicine, it has become a process that can be followed in the world of people.

Age, genetics and many other factors have an effect on having a baby. For example, the quality of eggs in women is one of the most important of these factors and this quality is directly related to the nutrition of women. Nutrition is a factor that affects human health in the first degree. Healthy eating is never a hollow concept. And some special diets make it easier to get results in terms of increasing fertility.

Smoking and alcohol in the forbidden list is followed by caffeine, cola, sugar, ready sauces, breakfast cereals, ready fruit juices, flavored soda varieties and light products. In addition, pre-packaged food, non-natural meat and offal products sold with the label of processed products, GM-containing foods and soy products are not consumed in the fertility diet. The consumption of pastry, which we all love so much, is limited in this nutritional program.

Which foods should be consumed in the Fertility Diet?

In that case, when you look at the food on the banned list and take it out of your life, you may think, çık Well, what do I eat now? Bu Response fertility diet comes from carbohydrate, protein and fat consumption. So don’t forget to adjust your weight, this nutritional list has a high nutritional value. Since you will follow the nutritional program, multiplying the movement and exercises in your daily life is essential to maintain your weight balance. Do not neglect the long walks that everyone can do easily. The walks will also relax the blood circulation and help the body.

Attention to Carbohydrates

If you are too fat or too weak, and your blood sugar values are not balanced, reproductive hormones that make you pregnant may not work well. Increasing fertility by balancing it makes it easier to get pregnant.
In fertelite diet, carbohydrate consumption must be strictly observed. Carbohydrates, which are the energy source of the body, are usually divided into complex and simple carbohydrates. One of the characteristics of the diet is to completely remove the grouped carbohydrate species and to concentrate on the complex. For example, white sugar, fruit and fruit juices among simple carbohydrates are not essential to consume during their fertility diet, instead of choosing vegetables, grains and legumes among complex carbohydrates. Cereals that increase the likelihood of fertilization are an excellent food store and supplement in the fertility diet.

Protein Consumption in Fertility Diet

The protein has a special and important place in fertility diet as in every diet. Protein consumption, which aids in the regeneration of cells and stabilization of blood sugar, increases the production of hormones by producing amino acids. Amino acids are among the basic building blocks of the body. But when you say protein, just say ”I have to eat meat sadece. Fish, legumes, legumes, eggs and nuts are more appropriate in terms of fertility diet. Dried beans cooked by mothers for years, chickpea dishes and lentil soups are not missing from the tables. The choice of more pulses instead of meat will give very healthy results.

Fat Consumption in Fertility Diet

Fatty acids, which are one of the most important nutritional issues, are found in fatty fish, seeds and nuts in order to increase fertility and to give birth to the baby in a healthy way. These nutrients consumed during the fertelite diet will have a positive effect on fertility. In addition, the consumption of fatty acids, which play an important role in the development of the baby’s eye, brain and nervous system, will positively affect the mother’s hormone production.

Usually, the fat word makes negative associations in feeding. However, compounds known as fat are divided into saturated and unsaturated fatty acids by their molecular structure. Saturated fatty acids increase the level of cholesterol in the blood and should be avoided. For example, the saturation rate of all the animals from all land animals is 60%. This ratio is higher in cooked oils, for example in fries. Corn, soy and sunflower oils, which are normal in terms of unsaturated fat, undergo changes in structure even when heated. That’s why fries are on the whole diet list. There is no fries in the fertility regime.

Omega 3 Deserves A Separate Attention

The Omega 3, which we often hear about in nutrition, can be called bright in all fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid, which the body itself cannot synthesize, must be taken from outside. The human brain is composed of 60 percent fat, and one third of this amount is the fat chains called Omega 3. Omega 3 cannot be neglected in terms of both general body and heart health. Since the body is a whole, the answer to the question of how the quality of fertility increases as a result, Omega 3 acids also respond positively. This compound is also required for prevention of obesity. Thus, when you apply a diet with a high nutritional value, such as a fertility regimen, you will be assisted to top up your weight. The most useful sources of Omega 3 are the herbal ones, which are flaxseed, walnut and pumpkin seeds. In green leafy vegetables, the purslane also stands out. Fish is a food that everyone should eat. Eat fresh fish at least twice a week, whether or not you need a fertility regimen.

Natural nutritional programs do not require external food supplements. It will be much better to get everything you need with healthy nutrition.

Fertility Diet and Natural Nutrition

The fertility diet applied to increase fertility quality has a high feeding power and is obviously a delicious regimen. There is no difference in the amount of healthy nutrition programs that dieticians always recommend. But the issue of natural nutrition is so much talked about that there are even known wrong mistakes. It is worth recalling these mistakes once again, including the fertility regime:
You cannot switch to natural feeding by eating everything that is natural. Likewise, light on the foods that will not provide light.
-You can never be a healthy person if you cut off the consumption. The important thing is to recognize good oils.
– If you eat eggs, your level of cholesterol is out of control. On the contrary, a very useful food will be eliminated. Two or three times a week to eat eggs in both healthy nutrition and fertility regime passes.

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