Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet is named after Dr. Pierre Dukan is a type of diet that emerged when a patient was admitted to her for attenuation. Prepared to make expertise in neurology. Dukan prepared a diet list with the request of his patient fighting obesity. He also decided to specialize in a healthy diet after seeing successful results on the diet list, which the patient told him not to remove the meat group from the list. He saw that his patient only lost weight by eating meat. Dukan then added the vegetables to the list after the second week, and continued to maintain the weight gain.

What is the Dukan Diet?

Dukan diet is a protein based diet. The carbohydrate gap is closed by using oat bran. There are a total of 100 nutrients in the diet, of which 68 are protein groups, namely animal products. The remaining 32 are vegetables and fruit.

Dukan diet stages consist of 4 Phase.

Dukan Diet and Phases

 1)Dukan Diet Attack Phase

The attack phase is between 2-7 days. The goal is to make a fast start to diet with high protein consumption. 68 pieces of protein-rich foods are recommended during the attack phase. The recommended cooking method is oven and grill. Protein foods that are free to eat during the attack phase; veal and beef, fresh fish, 1.5 spoon oat bran, shellfish, egg, low fat milk and dairy products.

For the consumption of chicken and turkey, the outer part of the wings is prohibited. Canned fish kept in oil should not be consumed. Eggs cannot be more than 2 pieces a day, and sheep are also among the prohibitions during the attack. To sweeten the food you can use vinegar, 3-4 drops of lemon. There is a danger of constipation due to changes in your eating habits and your protein-based diet and you need to consume plenty of water to prevent this. In addition, because of the fiber to use up to 2 spoons of oat bran will be useful for the operation of your digestive system. Walking for at least 20 minutes a day will support both your diet and support your digestion.

Dukan Diet List

Allowed Foods During Attack

First Category: Oils



Second Category: Offal


Veal and Lamb

Third Category: Fish

Oily or Oil Free

Fresh or Frozen

Smoked or Dried


Fourth Category: Seafood



Fifth Category: Poultry




Sixth Category: Low-Fat or Fat-Extracted Ham

Seventh Category: Eggs

Eighth Category: Fat Free Dairy Products


Feta cheese

Other Dairy Products

Ninth Category: 1.5 Liters per Day

Tenth Category: 1.5 Tablespoon Oat Bran

 2-)Dukan Diet Cruise Phase

The cruise phase is a continuation of the attack phase and is not indicated for any period of time. Your body is starting to lose weight during the attack phase and your body is aimed at reaching the weight you want to reach during the cruise phase. You can calculate the time in 6 days for each weight you want to give. If your goal is to lose 5 pounds, the cruise phase will last for 30 days. If you want to lose 10 pounds, you can go on a dukan diet for 2 months. At this stage you must walk at least 30 minutes per day.

32 pieces of vegetables are added to the list during the cruise phase and the number of foods is 100. Of course, this number of 100 does not mean that we can consume all the foods. We said the diet list was in France. So be aware that pork and vegetables are not included in this number. The meat group that you can find most easily and easily in meat consumption will be beef, chicken meat, turkey meat and fish meat.

Allowed and Untreated Vegetables

Not allowed in every meal:







Green beans





All Salad Types







Forbidden only starchy vegetables, do not consume these nutrients:






broad bean


Kidney bean



The amount of oat bran you need to consume during the cruise is 2 tablespoons per day.

3-)Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase

As a result of the weight given to the target as a result of the weight given during the attack and cruise stages, Dr. The consolidation stage developed by Dukan is to ensure that the weight gain is permanent. The duration of the consolidation phase includes a period of time you can find by multiplying the weight you give during the course of the journey by 10. For example, if you lose 5 kilos in this period, the strengthening phase should be 50 days. There are also reward meals of the consolidation stage. So you can eat 2 meals a week. This includes french fries, hamburgers or pizza. However, it should be noted that at least 1 day between the reward meals.

Foods you can consume in the strengthening phase:

Proteins and Vegetables (you don’t have to comply with the conversion rule in the cruise phase, you can consume proteins and vegetables the way you want)

One Serving Fruit per Day (except for a portion of fruit per day, you can consume all the fruits except bananas, grapes, cherries and nuts)

Two Slices of Whole-grain Bread per Day

One Serving Cheese per day (you can eat all kinds of cheese from baked cheese, for example, old and fresh cheddar, gouda, Dutch cheese. Fermented cheeses are prohibited. The recommended amount is 40 grams per day)

Starch Foods (one meal a week in the first half of the fortification phase, two meals a week in the second half)

Pastries Corn Flour, Couscous, Yoghurt or Whole Wheat Lentils Rice and Potato Lamb Leg

Award Dinner (one meal a week in the first half of the reinforcement phase, two meals a week in the second half)

2 Table Spoon Oat Bran should be used daily during the strengthening phase.

    4-) Dukan Diet Balancing Phase

The balancing phase is the continuation and last of the attack, cruise and consolidation stages. At this stage the time is infinite. After fixing the weight you gave in the first stages in the 3rd stage, it aims to transform the habits you have gained in the last stage into a lifestyle. As soon as the diet ends, some measures must be taken to eliminate the possibility of gaining weight. The most important thing that needs to be done in this process is to sustain the eating habits of the consolidation phase in the balancing phase. When you notice that you are starting to regain weight or feel any danger, you must return to fruit, 2 slices of whole-grain bread, 40 grams of cheese, two portions of starchy food and 2 meals a week as much as you like from all proteins and vegetables.

At this stage, which will be long-term, there are rules to be considered.

You can consume up to 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day.

You should walk at least 20 minutes a day. Extending this period will also benefit you and make it easier to lose weight.

You should only consume protein 1 day a week. You should set a day for this and repeat the protein intake every day on the same day. Of course, you should do this in accordance with the information given in Phase 1.

You should not neglect to consume water.

If these measures are taken, Dukan Diet will become more effective.

As a result, the Dukan Diet learns to distinguish between the nutrients from each other and in order of value, and you know the effect on your body. So you take both your precautions and your weight, so you don’t get the weight you give.

As in other dietary forms, the goal of the diet is not to lose weight but to transform healthy nutrition into a lifestyle. When you achieve this, your weight gain will be stabilized and you will be successful.

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