15 Best Tea For Weight Loss: Green Tea Weight Loss

Mostly people want to lose weight this century. Do you really think drinking tea makes you lose weight? We have compiled 15 best tea for weight loss.The best tea for weight loss with the effect quickly seen when used consciously. Each of these 15 teas has many miraculous benefits, from controlling hunger hormones to accelerating calorie burning. They are also very helpful in terms of your heart health and diabetes risk. All you have to do is limiting to 3-4 cups every day to consume these teas.

15 Best Tea For Weight Loss

1- Rooibos Tea /Red Tea To Restrain Hunger

Roobios tea is obtained from the leaves of a red bush plant in South Africa. Featuring a special and powerful flavonoid called aspalathin, this tea lowers the levels of stress hormones causing hunger and fat storage and allows you to store less fat. More info pls. read article about red tea

2- Oolong Tea To Lose Weight

Oolong tea, a green tea-like tea called black dragon in China, helps you lose weight and has a feature that accelerates your metabolism. It also helps your fat metabolism. According to a study published in the Chinese Journal of Intergrative Medicine, people who consume oolong tea for 6 weeks lost 3 pounds. You can also consume this tea to relax when you are nervous.

3- Green Tea To Break Up Fat Cells:

According to the results of a new 12-week study, individuals with a habit of consuming 4-5 cups of green tea per day lost about 1 kilos more than individuals who did not consume green tea as a result of their training. Because it contains catechin, you must consume green tea and accelerate fat burning before training. This will increase your liver’s capacity to convert fat into energy.

4- Mint tea to close the appetite:

According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine, people who consume mint tea every 2 hours can lose as much as 2.5 kilos per month. At the same time the smell helps you to turn your appetite.

5- White tea The enemy of fats:

White tea, which helps naturally to prevent the formation of fat cells, is also the richest antioxidant source among other teas. According to a study published in Nutrition and Metabolism, white tea is accelerating the fat burning process. If you are looking for a diet tea, white tea is definitely helping you!

6-Mate Tea

Mate tea in the content of mateine ​​accelerates the metabolism, increases the body’s temperature accelerates fat burning. Mate tea, which gives a feeling of fullness In a study conducted on 44 kilograms in Denmark in 2001, it was observed that those who regularly drink mate tea lost about 40% more weight than nonsmokers.

7-Rosemary Tea to weight loss

Rosemary tea, one of the best weight loss teas, is known for its fat burning effect. This tea, which accelerates metabolism, causes fat burning by burning 2 cups during the day.

8-Ginger Tea to weight loss

Ginger tea, which gives a feeling of satiety when consumed, helps to lose weight fast when consumed before meals. This tea, which is effective in stomach problems, is also good for nausea.

9-Fat Burner Parsley Tea

The benefits of counting down on the regular consumption of parsley tea has a fast fat burning effect. Parsley tea, which gives a feeling of toughness, facilitates digestion. You can consume the parsley tea consumed before meals during the day by adding lemon.

10- Blueberries Tea to Fast Oil Burning

The blueberry tea, which will come as a medicine before meals, regulates your blood sugar and relieves hunger.

11-Chickweed Tea to weight loss

The use of it should be a little careful because it has a laxative effect. Other effects of the swelling (especially those with abdominal pain who try to sweat it) will remove the intestine, excreting excess water from the body. It is enough to drink a glass in the evening. Thus, your swelling and stomach swelling will be resolved.

12-Cherry stalk tea

The cherry stalk tea, which helps clean the blood and remove excess water in the body, is among the most effective weight loss teas. You can use this tea with many more benefits when you lose weight. Add 5 to 6 grams of cherry stalk for 10 minutes and then add to a glass of boiling water. Try to drink 3 times a day.

13-Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon tea has a thermogenic effect. It increases the body temperature and increases the energy consumed by the metabolism, so you burn more calories. In addition, it suppresses blood sugar and suppresses appetite and balances cholesterol. You can prepare cinnamon tea only by using cinnamon or you can add powder or cinnamon leaves to the herbal teas.

14-Pu-erh tea

The effect of Pu-Erh tea is due to the reduction of fat cells in the morning and the reduction of fat in the long term. The name of the tea might be a bit odd, at least it’s worth a few weeks to try.

15-Nettle Tea

Nettle among the plants with weakening effect is a very effective plant. It helps to take edema from the body by taking bulge.

How to drink tea to lose weight? best tea for weight loss

You should pay attention to the following when drinking weight loss teas;

You should talk to your doctor before starting weight loss  tea. Your doctor will tell you if weight loss teas are risky according to your personal medical history.

When should you drink Tea to lose weight?

For example; Green tea for weight loss should drink 3 cups a day.

Drink a cup of tea in the morning

1 cup of tea on an empty stomach in the morning to drink both hunger and fat will help you burn fat.

The following considerations should be taken into consideration when using weight loss teas;

Just weight loss tea drink :best tea for weight loss

Drinking only weight loss tea and unbalanced diet during the day create harmful effects on your body. Excessive caffeine overload can damage your body.Keep in mind that you cannot lose weight in a healthy way without a balanced diet and exercise.

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