Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet and Diet List Example

Recently popular and American cardiologist It is a diet prepared by Atkins. The Atkins Diet. Its special feature is that you don’t have to stay hungry by making strict diets to get a nice and healthy look. The aim is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates by using the energy required to lose weight from existing fat to provide fat burning. Another purpose is to rest the pancreas. For this reason, the Atkins diet does not include sour, sweet and bitterness.

Although there are many who see the benefit, it is still a controversial diet. People who want to apply the Atkins diet should know the carbohydrate group well. Individuals who want to apply this diet should undergo a doctor’s check as in other diets and then apply the Atkins Diet within the list. Diets requiring high protein intake, such as this diet, may cause permanent disease in the body of individuals with obesity, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease.

Dietary calories are not applied with grams account. You need to know the carbohydrates in the body. It plays an important role in the selection of nutrients. Diet is applied for a maximum of two weeks. Expiration may lead to elevated cholesterol and weakening of the muscles.

What are Carbohydrates?

In the carbohydrate group formed in starch and sugar; corn flakes, barley, bread, cakes, biscuits, potatoes, lentils, peas, beans, noodles, rice and dairy products. Atkins diet occurs with high protein and low carbohydrate intake.

What Are the Benefits of the Atkins Diet?

As a result of research conducted by the Atkins diet regimen, this diet, diabetes, chronic fatigue and high blood pressure patients have been determined to decrease complaints. In addition, other benefits include protecting the heart. With the Atkins diet, it is possible to reach your desired weight by consuming a variety of foods. However, as mentioned, the duration of the diet should not exceed two weeks and you should consume pure protein.

During the diet, you should avoid sugar, salt and flour and you should not consume the nutrients contained in these three products. Carbohydrate consumption should not exceed 20 grams per day. For this reason, you should prepare your foods by making a gram calculation. It is the only diet without calorie calculation. During the diet, chicken meat, turkey meat, red meat, cheese varieties, seafood and some vegetables are consumed. We have stated that it does not contain carbohydrates. Therefore, bread, rice, pasta from the carbohydrate group is one of the nutrients you should avoid. Fruits should be consumed in limited amounts. During cooking, natural oils such as butter and olive oil should be preferred.

Menu and Stages on the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet consists of stages such as the Dukan diet. In the diet with three stages;

1- Meeting menu

2- Continue to lose weight menu

3-Maintain the ideal weight menu

Meet Menu

Consumption of carbohydrates in the dating menu should not exceed 20 grams per day. This phase contains some rules. Protein should be consumed at each meal. Dairy products should not go out of cream, butter and cheese. Legumes such as beans, seeds and nuts are among the prohibitions. Caffeine and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. You should provide the protein from poultry, fish, eggs, red meat and oils from butter and vegetable oils. 15 grams of carbohydrate per day need to meet vegetables. You should be fed on average every 3-4 hours during the day. You can also have three large meals or six small meals a day. Your daily water consumption should be 2 liters.

Breakfast Meal

Fried egg with bacon, ham or hot dog

Decaffeinated tea or coffee


Half pancake


Mineral water


According to your preference fish or steak

Seafood salad with mayonnaise and mustard

Creamy diet jelly prepared on a spoon with salad sweetener

Weight Loss Menu

In the second stage, rich fiber-containing foods and dense foods can be included in carbohydrate sources. At this stage, 25 grams of carbohydrate consumption in the first week is 30 grams in the second week. At this stage, you can start to consume fruits, nuts and soft cheeses. If your weight gain has slowed or stopped, you can still take carbohydrate consumption down to 25 grams.

Breakfast Meal

Omelet made with zeyin

Two slices of rye bread

Tomato juice

Caffeine-free tea or coffee


Mixed salad prepared with cheese, ham and chicken

Ice tea


Prepared salad with seafood

Cream soup


Ideal Weight Protection Menu

At this stage, you will be discovering the carbohydrate consumption while maintaining your weight. You can also consume plenty of carbohydrates in fat and protein. You can taste pizza and chocolate cake. However, if you realize that you are gaining weight or you are giving more than 2.27 kg, you can make a smaller amount of carbohydrate consumption or increase carbohydrate intake to compensate.


Omelette with cheese and spinach

Two slices of rye bread

Decaffeinated tea or coffee



Baked chicken

Half bowl of vegetable dish

Green salad prepared with garlic sauce


Onion Soup

Salad with carrot, tomato and onion sauce

Vegetables in a bowl

Veal dipped in small breadcrumbs

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