Appetite Sappressant :8 Tactics For Appetite Control

Making the right food choices to reach a healthy weight is important but not enough. You need to manage your appetite sappressant.How can you make appetite control for your healty? The feeling of hunger in the body creates a hormone called ’girelin . When the stomach is empty, the hormone Glyle is secreted and the desire to eat is revealed.

Appetite Sappressant

There is an important detail that you need to know to take control of your appetite. Girelin hormone is not triggered only for physical reasons. Psychological and social causes can also cause the secretion of this hormone.

In 2012, Italian researchers are doing research with healthy adults without weight problems. Participants receive a standard breakfast. They are then asked to rate fasting levels. One hour later, their favorite food is put in front of them and they are asked to rate their hunger levels again. Participants feel they are hungry although they have had new breakfast. When the amount of gyrellin in their blood is measured, it is found that this hormone jumps suddenly when they see their favorite food. Another time, after breakfast they do not like a food when placed in front of them do not feel a sense of hunger and the amount of girelin in the blood is not detected.

Experts split the feeling of hunger into physical and heuristic hunger. They both secrete the ghrelin hormone. Therefore, it has the power to influence your appetite.

There are 2 ways for appetite suppressant weight loss. Increased Toughness and apipetite suppressants.

8 Tactics For Appetite Control

So how do we get control? Matt Fitzgerald, who has a lot of books on sports nutrition, proposes 8 tactics that we all think could be useful.

Do you notice whether your hunger is physically or emotionally ?

8 effective tactics to control your appetite In order to control your appetite, it is very important to distinguish whether your hunger is physical or emotional.

Physical starvation creates signals such as scraping stomach and rumbling. There is a real need for eating. Emotional or indifferent hunger is only due to the need for pleasure.

In a study that lasted for 5 months, participants with weight problems received a short training to differentiate between physical and hedonic hunger. In order to be sure that their hunger is physical, they are asked to pay attention to the signals such as the feeling of emptiness in the stomach, scratching, rumbling, physical or mental power.

Participants are told to wait until they start to notice these feelings and within 1 hour of eating, and the feeling of hunger for the next meal reappears. When the participants are hungry, they release what they want and how much they want. If they’re not hungry for the next meal, they understand that they eat too much, and they start to set the amount to be hungry again at a reasonable hour. This small change allows participants to lose an average of 7 pounds in 5 months.

The most effective thing you can do to control your appetite and weight is to practice this experiment in your own life. Leave your normal eating scheme aside for a weekend and try to eat only when you are hungry.

Eat within an hour of symptoms such as scratching your stomach, rumbling, feeling you are feeling physically and mentally weak. For the next meal, wait until it gets hungry again. Do not eat even if you suffer something in between. Continue this layout for 2 days. Have breakfast on your familiar Monday. Wait for the signs of hunger for lunch. If you’re not hungry, slide your lunch a little. Or, if you have a habit of snacks like 4 o’clock, skip it if you’re not hungry at that time.

Most of us are not really hungry, we’re eating for emotional reasons. Hazsal eating habits aside, leaving only the physical starvation eating order, you will see that the amount of eating automatically decreased.

Clean Your Kitchen

8 effective tactics to control your appetite There is a very simple rule about unhealthy junk food. If you can’t find it, you can’t eat it. Because most of us are strong enough to suppress even the desire to have a feeling of chills.

In a study, a box of chocolate is left in the office workers’ desks every morning. In the first week, chocolate is placed in the corners of work tables. The second week he puts himself in one of the drawers. The third week is left in a corner 2 meters away from the desks. As a result of the research, the average number of participants on the chocolate table can be taken out of the 9, draw the drawer when they need to get 6 pieces, when they need to get up from the corner only 4 pieces are seen!

If you want to get rid of unhealthy eating habits, get rid of all the unhealthy options in your first business kitchen. You will see that it is much easier to purge your kitchen from unhealthy junk food and keep it clean.

Reduce The Size Of Your Plates

8 effective tactics to control your appetite When the size of the plate shrinks, the amount of eating is also getting smaller. If you’ve seen 100 year old dinner plates in antique stores, you probably thought it was a dessert plate. Over the years, with the growing portions, the size of the dinner plates grew. If the plates in your house are large, donate them to someone who needs them and get small plates. So you can also reduce your portions over time. Of course this method will be as effective as how often you eat at home.

Reduce your appetite with water and salad before meals

8 effective tactics to control your appetite Half an hour before each meal to cut your appetite, 1 large glass full of water.

In a study conducted at Virginia Tech University, it was seen that participants who drink 500 ml of water before the meal consumed 75% less calories than non-smokers. The soups that contain broth have similar effect, so keep in mind.

For less food, before meals or for water or main meal before eating soup or salad. Salad suppresses your hunger, as compared to the relatively low-calorie options of food next to the dish.

Take healthy snacks with you

8 effective tactics to control your appetite If you have healthy options such as almonds, walnuts and apples, you will not turn to unhealthy choices such as chips, chocolate, toast when you’re hungry. Most of us are guided to choose whatever is easy. If you have a healthy snack in your pocket, in your car, in your bag, in the office, in your drawer, there is a chance that you will get up and take something unhealthy from somewhere else.

Limit the types

8 effective tactics to control your appetite When you go to a buffet dinner, have you noticed that you eat far more than you normally eat? As flavor, consistency and even color options increase, we automatically start eating more.

For example, if you have soups, salads and sandwiches in the lunch menu, you can eat sandwiches even if you are satisfied with soup and salad. Although the reason for the success of diets such as paleo or gluten-free nutrition is to eliminate unhealthy foods, one of the main reasons they give good results is that they reduce the options you can eat. When you start to eat gluten-free or paleo, many options such as cakes, breads, pies, pastries, cookies, which you would normally not say, disappear.

If you don’t have a health problem like food intolerance or allergy, you don’t need to apply a diet at the ends. But 8 kinds of appetizers, 2 kinds of main meals, 3 kinds of dessert, with fruit on top of the table instead of a pleasant appetizer, a nice main meal is possible to fill. Simplifies digestion by simplifying the variety of food and even the ingredients you put on food. Especially if you have gas, swelling problem, try it.

 Develop a conditional reflex for difficult moments

8 effective tactics to control your appetite No matter how careful you may be, there may be tempting choices from right to left.

The cake for the birthday celebration in the office, the cookies coming to the meeting, the new products that are offered for you to try in the market er Psychologists recommend that you create an application plan for such moments. For example, if you are expecting to offer you a plate full of pies and donuts when you visit your aunt, plan what you will tell them in advance. For example, thank you for being full and take your side with you, you can eat when you are hungry and share more.

Other good tactics can develop a conditional reflex that is special to these situations. For example, when you realize you want to drink more than a glass or eat a plate, you can get up and brush your teeth or throw a tiny mint in your mouth.

Just focus on food

8 effective tactics to control your appetite While most of us are eating, we’re in the car, on the phone, on social media, sometimes even in front of a television or computer. This prevents us from noticing how much we eat, whether we eat or not. You’re very likely to eat more when you’re distracted. Social environments also increase the amount of food and drink. Of course, the solution is not to cover yourself in a room and eat alone. However, it is important to give your attention as much as possible to the signals you eat and the signals from your body. In this way, you can notice that you are both satisfied and you can stop eating at the right point, and you can notice what is good and what is not.

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